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PREP - Parish Religious Education Program

  • Registration for PREP 2023 - 2024 is now closed!

  • If you are a new PREP family please contact the office directly.

  • PREP Dates for the 2023/24 Year can be viewed here


The St. Martin of Tours Religious Education Program strives to provide a faith-filled learning environment modeled on the compassion, joy, and challenge of Jesus.  Unless a child attends a Catholic school, parents are encouraged to enroll their children in the St. Martin of Tours Religious Education Program. Attendance in our PREP Program or a Catholic School for two consecutive years is a pre-requisite to receiving the Sacraments of Penance, First Eucharist, and Confirmation as prescribed by the Church.  Participation in the Religious Education Program ensures a consistent course of learning in accordance with the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Archdiocesan guidelines.  We invite all to share in this vision willingly and to embrace the following goals of the program:

  1. To teach as Jesus did and share the basic elements of the Catholic Christian faith

  2. To build a community of faith among faculty, students and parents.

  3. To develop a sense of prayer, liturgy, and service within our faith.

  4. To help parents fulfill their roles as primary religious educators of their children through the school year Enrichment Program, parent meetings regarding Sacramental preparation, and by being available to help in any way when requested.

  5. To encourage families to participate in the educational, spiritual, liturgical, and social life of the St. Martin of Tours Parish Community.

  6. To provide a faith community experience for each child as they journey in their faith. This community experience is most necessary and mandated for the years of immediate preparation for the sacraments.


  • St. Martin of Tours Parish Religious Education Program, staffed by paid, experienced faculty, exists as a service to our parish community. PREP encourages children to perform good works for others without seeking reward. St. Martin of Tours PREP Program is open to children grades K-7 and is held for one week in June. (Typically, the week after local schools are released for summer vacation) PREP also continues into the school year. These are known as "Enrichment Classes". These classes run one Sunday a month from October to March. These classes enrich our children's Catholic education throughout the year and help prepare them for sacraments. 


  • PREP Registration begins in March and closes in mid-April for a June class start date. PREP families must be registered as parishioners of St. Martin of Tours Church, and a Baptismal certificate/s must be presented for verification at the time of registration unless the child was baptized at St. Martin of Tours Church. 

  • Non-parishioners need to submit a letter of permission from their Pastor or DRE with their registration form/s. 


  • Please note that registration fees are non-refundable.

    • 1 child: $250

    • 2 children: $450

    • 3 children: $600

  • A financial concern should not prevent children’s registration in our program.  If there is a difficulty, please contact Fr. Kindon at 215-862-5472.

  • This fee covers the cost of each student’s textbook, classroom and art supplies, audiovisual purchases, resource materials, catechist training, facility costs, stipends for teachers, and other miscellaneous items.

  • A replacement fee of $20 is charged for lost books.



Director of Religious Education: Alex Bennett


Call the office to set up an appointment with  Alex!



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